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The Fading Theory Barber Shop LLC:

We are a full service, no-nonsense, professionally licensed barber shop in Lauraville, Maryland that provides classic barber services. We have a range of services at our location and we gladly accept credit card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payments.

The Fading Theory Barber Shop is a family friendly business that does not permit foul language, drugs, or inappropriate behavior. All customers must be properly dressed and hoodies are not to be worn in our facility. All pants/shorts must fit properly as to not expose under garments, or buttocks.

Pricing is subject to change. All services may not be available at all times.
Item Name Price
Adult Hair Cut $16
Adult Shape Up $6
Adult Shape Up w/ Nape Taper $8
Adult Style Cut $20
Adult Razor Hair Cut $30
Adult Hair Cut + Straight Razor Shave $25
Adult Mini-Twists $16
Beard Trim $4
Mustache Trim $2
Ear Hair Trimmed $2
Nose Hair Trim $2
Eyebrow Trim $3
Eyebrow Arch $6
Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave Head or Face $16
How Towel Straight Razor Shave Head & Face $25
Hair Color Head $20
Youth Hair Cut $13
Youth Style Hair Cut $16
Youth Shape Up $6
Youth Mini-Twists $13
Facial $20
Hair Washing w/ Conditioner $6
Basic Design - A line or part $2
Mid-level Design $20
Complex design $30
Thinning Hair Application $12.95

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@TheFadingTheory Aug 08, 13:24

Had a blast co-hosting the black-buy-demand radio show. Once we got past the technical…

@TheFadingTheory Aug 07, 18:56

We are live on Black Buy Demand Radio now! Go to YouTube and search Black Buy Demand and listen to us live!

@TheFadingTheory Jul 15, 15:21

Reminder: We are closed today to attend a PhD graduation.

@TheFadingTheory Jul 07, 15:05

Make sure that you have notifications on in your phones settings in the mobile app, so you can always be aware of i…

@TheFadingTheory Jul 06, 14:52

While supplies last we have fidget spinners! Yellow, red, blue, and white. A great gift and only $3 each so grab 1,…

@TheFadingTheory Jul 04, 14:23

Enjoy the day, we will see you when we return on Thursday.

@TheFadingTheory Jul 01, 17:57

You know how we do!

@TheFadingTheory May 30, 22:03

Yeah, this beauty is a random happening and not by a greater power. Yeah, ok.

@TheFadingTheory May 30, 00:42

Just posted a video @ New Orleans, Louisiana

@TheFadingTheory May 29, 20:05

Open walls that let the outside in. #mdbarbers #DMVbarbers #BarberShopLife #grinding

@TheFadingTheory May 29, 19:40

Can you guess where we are? I'll give you a hint, you at my location data!! @ FrenchQuarter…

@TheFadingTheory Apr 17, 19:04

Now this is what I call a movie theater. Classy.

@TheFadingTheory Apr 16, 13:58

Our Easter hours today are from 7am to 4pm and we are closed tomorrow (Monday 4/17/17) in order to complete personal and business taxes

@TheFadingTheory Apr 11, 11:53

On Easter Sunday 4/16/17, the shop hours will be 7am to 4pm. Please make note.

@TheFadingTheory Apr 10, 17:57

Please note that we will be closed Monday April 17th in order to complete our business and personal taxes. Thank you.

@TheFadingTheory Mar 14, 14:23

I shoveled my house, drove to my 2nd property to shovel that, then drove to work and cleaned that out. Not one slip, or issue #overhypedsnow

@TheFadingTheory Mar 14, 12:28

Update: we are able to open at 8:30 this morning. Thank you.

@TheFadingTheory Mar 14, 10:11

Good morning, we are opening at 10am today. Thank you. ❄️❄️❄️

@TheFadingTheory Mar 11, 16:14

So happy to find a new and plush movie theater that blows away Towson and White marsh! Wood…

@imWilISmith Feb 05, 10:18

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

@imWilISmith Feb 05, 10:18

Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you.

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