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The Fading Theory Barber Shop LLC:

We are a full service, no-nonsense, professionally licensed barber shop in Lauraville, Maryland that provides classic barber services. We have a range of services at our location and we gladly accept credit card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payments.

The Fading Theory Barber Shop is a family friendly business that does not permit foul language, drugs, or inappropriate behavior. All customers must be properly dressed and hoodies are not to be worn in our facility. All pants/shorts must fit properly as to not expose under garments, or buttocks.

Pricing is subject to change. All services may not be available at all times.
Item Name Price
Adult Hair Cut $16
Adult Shape Up $6
Adult Shape Up w/ Nape Taper $8
Adult Style Cut $20
Adult Razor Hair Cut $30
Adult Hair Cut + Straight Razor Shave $25
Adult Mini-Twists $16
Beard Trim $4
Mustache Trim $2
Ear Hair Trimmed $2
Nose Hair Trim $2
Eyebrow Trim $3
Eyebrow Arch $6
Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave Head or Face $16
How Towel Straight Razor Shave Head & Face $25
Hair Color Head $20
Youth Hair Cut $13
Youth Style Hair Cut $16
Youth Shape Up $6
Youth Mini-Twists $13
Facial $20
Hair Washing w/ Conditioner $6
Basic Design - A line or part $2
Mid-level Design $20
Complex design $30
Thinning Hair Application $12.95

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@TheFadingTheory Mar 15, 13:52

Being Pro Black doesn’t mean that you are against others. Don’t let anyone trick you into not being proud of who yo…

@TheFadingTheory Mar 10, 12:51

Remember to move clocks forward 1 hour tonight when you retire for the night, so you won’t miss appointments on Sunday. Be well.

@suzyscribe Mar 09, 11:19

It's time to put an end to homophobia and racial prejudice at the NFL Scouting Combine. @Locs_n_Laughs @jemelehill

@TheFadingTheory Mar 09, 11:18

Monkey bread tastes good if you have comfortable pants on. lol, a line from a funny commercial back in the day. Smile today, be well.

@LouisFarrakhan Mar 07, 00:30

When God wants to polish you, He will put sandpaper around you.

@LouisFarrakhan Mar 06, 02:35

The test of a great student is not how you act when the teacher is present. The test of a great student is will you…

@LouisFarrakhan Mar 06, 02:31

When you know God, the Knowledge of God takes the fear out of you.

@LouisFarrakhan Mar 06, 02:31

Every man that has a mission needs help.

@BaltimorePolice Mar 06, 02:27

Missing 13 year-old Girl.

@TheFadingTheory Mar 03, 12:48

Good morning, the power at The Fading Theory has not been restored yet, from the winds last night. Updates will be…

@TheFadingTheory Feb 27, 13:20

Most High, I’m not quite where I want to be in my life yet, but thank you that I’m not where I was.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 25, 14:28

Closing your eyes to the problems around you, only lead to you walking into walls. Open your eyes. Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 24, 14:49

A good barber is like a good women. You only need one. Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 23, 13:21

A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character. Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 18, 13:31

Ashes fly back in the face of those that throws them. What are you throwing out there? Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 16, 15:19

I’m African, not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me. Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 15, 09:04

To run is not necessary to arrive. Sometimes you gotta walk. Be well.

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 14, 17:25

We must be careful what environment we put ourselves in because no matter what is in you of good, if you are in the…

@TheMDTA Feb 14, 17:21

Show some ❤️this #ValentinesDay and every day by ALWAYS using turn signals to give drivers time to react to your mo…

@IAmDickGregory Feb 14, 17:19

60 years of Stand-up and Standing Up, come see what that looks like. Join the Gregory Family Sunday 2/18 @ The Oxo…

@TheFadingTheory Feb 14, 14:56

Ears that don't listen to advise, accompany the head when its chopped off. Be well.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 12, 09:03

You can’t see oxygen when you look up in the sky, but you know it’s there. Feel the same way about your path, or vi…

@TheFadingTheory Feb 11, 13:16

Almost completely booked up today, not much time left for you to book an appointment. Let’s go!

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 09, 13:19

We’re all going to make mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and come back fighting harder!

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 09, 13:18

Every time God makes you successful with a little thing, be grateful for the little thing then go on. Don’t stop. G…

@TheFadingTheory Feb 08, 08:24

Insanity: Repeating the same thing, the same way, but expecting a different result. Learn.

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 07, 14:35

When God calls upon you to introduce a revolutionary concept, or idea, that takes the struggle to a new level, then…

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 07, 14:34

I have always, by God’s Grace, been able to see the bigger picture.

@LouisFarrakhan Feb 07, 14:34

Wicked people are never pleased at hearing the truth.

@TheFadingTheory Feb 07, 14:32

Not being afraid to go a road that others wouldn’t dare step on is empowering on so many levels.

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